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 About Rosebud's House


I became a wildlife rehabber in the late 90s when someone dumped a baby wild rabbit in my guitar case at a gig. I was clueless as to how to care for the poor thing, but knew of a group, Wildlife Rehab and Education Coalition, that took in all of the baby wild birds that kept landing in my path. The rehabber who took the rabbit recognized me from the last several foundlings, and suggested that I attend the rehab meetings and training sessions. So I did, and over the next few years, I became a permitted wildlife rehabilitater, and my house became one of the most active wildlife facilities in SE Texas, until our new central facility was built in 2007, thanks to the generous support of the Houston SPCA.

Shortly after I became a rehabber, I started taking in rescued exotic birds that had escaped and had  gotten injured or sick in the wild. The numbers gradually increased to the point that I had to start making hard decisions, and sought out bird rescues to learn the procedure for adopting out some of the birds that were tame enough to make good pets. I also found myself taking in small furry critters, and have adopted out numerous hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, and guinea pigs over the years.


Then came Rose. A man was clearing a field near my house, and found an absolute fossil of a bearded Dragon under a pile of wood, scooped her into a bucket, and brought her to me, knowing that I am the critter lady. She was brought to me on my birthday, and I couldn't have been given a better gift. Rose introduced me to the world of bearded dragons and exotic reptiles in general, and showed me how dear and engaging they can be. I had worked with turtles and some native lizards as a rehabber, but not captive exotic lizards. Because she needed critical care, she led me to seek out advice and I found, a wonderful and informative web community of bearded dragon and reptile enthusiasts. Unfortunately, Rose died after a few months, but because of her, I realized that there is a strong need for safe havens for unwanted exotic animals of all kinds, where they will get veterinary treatment, loving care, and a second chance.


I still work with wildlife, but since the opening of our wonderful new state-of-the-art central wildlife rehab facility, I now have the room and the time to  take in, rehabilitate, and find forever homes for a few more exotic birds, reptiles, and small mammals that are either abandoned or can no longer live where they are.


 My Mission

To provide a safe haven, veterinary care, socialization, a healthy diet,  and a loving environment for the injured, sick, and homeless animals that find their way into my care, and finally, to place them in carefully screened, forever homes.

  • Adoption Fees -- My goal in setting and recieving adoption fees is not to make a profit, but to use adoption fees to offset at least some of the costs associated with housing, feeding, rehabilitating, and medicating the animals still in my care.  
  • Veterinary Care -- I will provide veterinary care for all animals released into my care.
  • Adoption Process -- I will carefully screen all prospective adoptive homes, and reserve the right to deny any adoption or terminate the adoption process as I see fit. Many of the animals that come to my house for care have already been through far more trouble than they deserve, so I am committed to making absolutely sure that the next leg of their journey is a good one.